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Personalized specifications are generated for your commercial Architecture design project, depending on your requirements, your brand identity, and the original concept. Then, utilizing our innovative commercial architecture designs concepts, we express your brand image. Commercial architectural buildings encompass a wide range of structures with significant opportunities for creative development depending on the nature of your business and the plan for your investment including offices, restaurants, retail shops, and mixed use developments. Being one of the best commercial architecture firms in USA, Tejjy Inc. provides collaborative support with architectural 3D visualization, 3D BIM modeling, as-built modeling, design development, and coordination among various other services.

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Plan, Design, Renovate, Remodel, Restore or Maintain Building Structures

Shopping Complex

Infrastructural Projects

Data Centres

Retail Outlets

Mixed Use Buildings

Government Buildings

Educational Institutes

High Rise Buildings

Facilitating Comprehensive Architectural Design Build Services


Our Commercial Architecture Design Services Include:

  • Building design and development for commercial architecture design. 
  • Facility building analysis and evaluation of existing conditions. 
  • Cost estimation as per zoning ordinance and land use plans. 
  • Energy efficiency assessment and feasibility study with cost estimation. 
  • Space planning with 3D floor plans and site planning. 
  • Construction administration assistance with general contractors and construction managers. 
  • Revit BIM 3D model creation with architectural, structural, and MEPF coordination. 

Why Outsource Commercial Remodeling and Renovation Services to Tejjy Inc?

  • Obtaining blueprints of an existing building for architectural remodeling and renovation of residential and commercial buildings. 
  • Design development for communicating ideas coherently amongst stakeholders. 
  • Accurate site plan with 3D floor plans, cross-sections, elevation, and section drawings 
  • Landscape and finishing drawings to depict external building aesthetics 
  • Industry-best expert architects, engineers, contractors, and BIM modelers who can create highly accurate and detailed residential and commercial renovation and remodeling designs. 
  • Being the best renovation and remodeling company in Baltimore MD adopting BIM services, Tejjy Inc.’s prime motto is client satisfaction. 

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    Commercial building design entails providing architectural drawings and 3D models. The project’s schematic designs will comprise material and property information. Design determines each room’s size and function. The project design must adhere to building codes. The final project cost is also determined quite early in the design process.

    The main difference between commercial buildings and residential buildings is in their functions as suggested by their name. Residential buildings include High-Rise Buildings, High End Homes, Town Houses, Condo, Single Family Home, Multi-family Home, and Cooperative housing which people use for residential purposes. Whereas commercial buildings include offices, mixed use developments, restaurants, and retail which are involved in commercial activities.