Home Addition Services

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Your family’s requirements have changed over the years, and it is now time to improve your home’s infrastructure? Whether you need to add another storey, a garage, or an additional bedroom you require, our expert staff can guide you through the process step by step, from beginning to end. Tejjy Inc.’s dedicated team of home addition architects, engineers, BIM modelers, and home addition contractors work with customers to understand their design objectives. As the design progresses from the conceptual stage to the construction stage, licensed home addition architects and engineers provide value-added support with home addition services. As an experienced provider of home addition services in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore our designers translate architectural ideas into the form of home addition architectural plans and home addition 3D BIM models. Our expert architects provide accurate home interiors for home addition. In addition, we offer permit expediting services. Our permit expediters are well-versed in DCRA’s building and zoning rules.

Home Addition Services

We Provide Home Addition & Renovation Services

New Home Construction

Home Inspections

Damage Restoration & Repair

Deck & patio addition blueprints

Remodeling or Addition Special Permits

We can create some extra space for you in your house with:

  • Family Room Addition
  • Sunroom Addition
  • Game Room Addition
  • Home Office & Children’s Playroom Addition
  • Basement Room Addition
  • Second Story & Porch Extension
  • Walk-In Closet Addition
  • Bed Room & Master Suite Addition
  • Media Room & Man Cave Addition
  • Bathroom Addition
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Home Addition Ideas

  • With a home addition, you will have a space that is tailored to your and your family’s needs.
  • Increase the monetary value of your house. Buyers place a high value on having more square footage available.
  • You can turn unused space in your home into an apartment that you can rent out if you don’t use it by yourself.
  • Room for more family members.
  • Create a private leisure or game room, a home office, or an additional bedroom by converting your basement or attic space.

Why Tejjy Inc. for Home Addition Services?

Home addition services refer to the process of expanding or adding onto an existing home. This can include building an addition to the home, such as a second story or a room extension, or finishing an unfinished space, such as a basement or attic. Home addition services typically involve working with architects, contractors, and other professionals to design and construct the addition according to local building codes and regulations. The cost of home addition services can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Tejjy’s innovative home addition services helps you in:

  • Accentuating aesthetics of building structure.
  • Increasing the value and quality of your space.
  • Clash free construction scheduling of home addition.
  • Optimized cost of home addition with 5D BIM cost estimation.
  • Reduced expenses and operational risk management.

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