DataPath Summit is the industry’s first true, all-in-one cloud-based solution for CDH account administration.

Purpose-built for a better benefits experience, Summit helps TPAs get where they want to grow with a nearly endless array of CDH benefit options in a single solution, including FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, Transit and Parking, and debit card processing.

Summit’s flexibility enables TPAs to use the platform in whatever way best suits their business needs, from administering a full suite of benefit options to only a few. Plus, Summit combines CDH account administration with an MCC-restricted debit card, full-featured mobile app, and HSA investment capabilities.


Manage FSAs, LPFSAs, and DCFSAs


Administer Group HRAs, ICHRAs, QSEHRAs, and EBHRAs


All-in-one account management, banking, and investments


Full range of Section 132 Commuter benefits

Card Processing

Robust card processing for any type of plan

Cloud-based FSA Administration Software

Flexible administration of FSAs, LPFSAs, and DCFSAs

Streamlined Plan Setup

Real-time Data Updates

Customizable Card Behavior

Convenient Mobile App

Powerful Data Exchange

No Prefunding Limitations

Operations BPO Available

Summit promotes efficient administration of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Limited-Purpose FSAs, and Dependent Care FSAs with:

  • Customizable plan setup for nearly unlimited plan designs, contribution schedules, and reimbursement settings. Use default settings and wizards, or create new templates of your own.
  • Full-featured mobile app lets participants check balances, upload receipts, and submit claims from handheld devices.
  • Account-linked debit card allows a stacked benefit environment and customizable behaviors without required prefunding.

Move forward on your growth journey with Summit FSA administration.

Cloud-based HRA Administration Software

Simple or Complex HRAs, ICHRAs, QSEHRAs, and EBHRAs

Unlimited Flexibility

Simple to Complex Plans

Plan Builder Template

Mobile App and Participant Portal

Account-linked Debit Card

Powerful Data Exchange

Operations BPO Available

Summit is a powerful solution for administering Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), including group HRAs, Individual Coverage HRAs, Excepted Benefit HRAs, and Qualified Small Employer HRAs.

  • Customize plans per employer group, including tiered deductibles and reimbursements.
  • Extensive HRA capabilities also include dental/vision-only plans, Section 139 disaster relief, and Student Loan Reimbursement (SLRAs).
  • Account-linked HRA debit card offers customizable card behavior and MCC restrictions per employee group.

Expand your pathway to growth with Summit HRA administration.

Cloud-based HSA Software

Versatile HSA administration with banking and investments

Comprehensive One-stop Shop

Online Enrollment

Plan Document Templates

Expense Self-certification

Confident HSA Investing

Account-linked Debit Card

Mobile App and Participant Portal

Americans are increasingly relying on HSA healthcare accounts to provide tax savings now and retirement supplementation later. With Summit, TPAs can take advantage of this thriving market while being as hands-on or hands-off as they choose.

  • Simple HSA administration, centralized banking, and integrated investments together in a single solution.
  • Online participant portal to enroll, make elections, view account activity, pay providers, manage investments, access tax information, submit receipts, and store documentation.
  • Account owner access to investment prospectus, RIA-developed lifestyle models, and detailed investor statements.

Put your growth opportunities into overdrive with Summit HSA.

Cloud-based Transit and Parking Software

Administer Section 132 Commuter Plans

Simple Plan Setup

Monthly Reimbursement Restrictions

Vanpooling, Transit Passes, Parking

Account-linked Debit Card

Convenient Mobile App and Participant Portal

Summit provides easy management of transit and parking plans, each with its own purse and monthly reimbursement restriction. Account-linked debit cards include both MCC and terminal restrictions.

Put your growth opportunities into overdrive with DataPath Summit.

CDH Account Administration > Card Processing

Card Processing Solutions

Robust, end-to-end debit card processing services

Eliminate Multiple Vendors

Any Administrative System

Tax-Advantaged and Post-Tax Plans

Transaction Restrictions and Stacking

U.S.-based Card Services Team

End-to-end processor since 2010

Founding member of SIGIS

DataPath card processing services are for companies seeking a more robust card processing system or simply unhappy with the service received from their current vendor. After more than a decade as an end-to-end card processor, we can help you achieve the goals of your card program.

Count on DataPath card processing services to get where you want to grow.


Querbes & Nelson

DataPath has given us a way to set ourselves apart from other brokers.

Rachel Thrash Claims Manager

The HR Dept., Inc

Summit’s ability to handle anything related to ARPA was an A+ job! DataPath helped us make sure we had all of our T’s crossed.

Greg Bowman Owner | President

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