Leading Risk Management Services for Construction Projects

Consult us to manage your project risk from conceptual to construction. Our experts know the right way to get the job done. Design to plan, control and monitor an environment with professional risk mitigation experts at Tejjy Inc. Our engineers and construction managers throughout the USA in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, and Virginia are providing a wide array of risk management services controlling financial management, schedule constraints, safety management for supporting construction lending and investment.

Our Project Risk Management Services include

Document & Cost Review
Contractor Evaluation
Project and Budget Review

Our Techniques/Process of Risk Management

We evaluate Sustainability in Pre-Design, Design, Procurement, Construction, and Post Construction.


  • Sustainability in Pre-Design – We articulate sustainability goals, develop a sustainability plan, and consider Integrated Project Delivery to make a budget estimate with a contingency. We prepare a milestone schedule with adequate time for design, bidding, and building.
  • Sustainability in Design – Our objective is to turn the owner’s desires and the proposed solution of the design team into a detailed set of specifications and drawings through the sustainability checklist, value engineering, life cycle assessment, and commissioning & risk assessment.
  • Sustainability in Procurement – We conduct the durability of the procurement process matching the requirement of the service providers and suppliers, resulting in the successful and timely award of contracts for construction.
  • Sustainability in Construction – We prepare waste management plan for destroying waste, indoor air quality control, material procurement and management, documentation, schedule update, commissioning, progress payment, preparation for occupancy and turnover and acceptance testing.
  • Sustainability in Post Construction – Periodic evaluation and adjustment through our commissioning process, we assure an owner’s project requirement, reflecting changes in the use of the facility. We regularly evaluate performance against project objectives and maintaining system manuals. We conduct on-going training of operations, maintenance persons, and occupants on the owner’s requirement.

Benefits of BIM Model Coordination

Benefits of Using BIM Coordination Services Include:

  • Better coordination and visualization
  • Precision constructability reviews save money and time.
  • BIM coordination high-quality, and efficient.
  • Collisions are detected quickly, accurately, and in real time.
  • Better constructability thanks to a design that is devoid of clashes.
  • On a single platform, coordination and collaboration are simplified.


We are Promise to Deliver Quality, Speed, Value & Consultative Approach to Our Clients

BIM 3D Modeling

How to Implement 4D BIM Schedules into Your Project

At Tejjy Inc. we believe that well designed spaces contribute to the well being of individuals and communities. Our architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors, and BIM modelers create architectural design drawings and BIM models to assist our clients in visualizing their visions. Our top objective is to provide extremely precise, clash-free construction drawings to ensure a smooth construction process. With an honest approach to clients and the professional execution of a broad and diverse collection of projects, we have maintained an integrity-based reputation during our 16 years in the sector.

Why outsource BIM Coordination Services to Tejjy Inc?

Tejjy Inc. is a prominent design-build firm and BIM service provider in Maryland, USA. Our BIM coordination professionals ensure that all disciplines, including architectural, structural, and MEPF, collaborate and adhere to a variety of BIM coordination checklists. We have more than 16 years of experience providing our clients with very accurate BIM coordination models and services. As a BIM service provider, we have worked with a wide range of AEC firms, including those in the residential, commercial, industrial, and educational sectors.

Tejjy Inc. is one of the best BIM Coordination and Clash Detection Company in USA. Our architects, engineers, general contractors, landscape architects, interior designers, and CAD drafters work together to provide you with cost effective, and innovative BIM coordination services. For BIM coordination services in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Baltimore, and all across USA contact us

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