Why It’s Important To Remove Stumps

Photo of a tree trunk leftover after the tree has been cut down

Trees are beautiful, and can add a lot of value and aesthetic properties to your landscape. As time goes on, sometimes trees need to be cut down, or “felled” as they say within the tree world. This can be due to surrounding buildings, unsafe growth patterns, or new building needs. If trees are diseased, dangerous, or could become a problem due to their positioning, it may be time to consider hiring a tree service to take a look.  


When mature trees need to be removed, the bulk of the tree can be felled by professional arborists, but the tree trunk will remain. Depending on the tree service you decide to go with, they may or may not have the capabilities to remove the stump themselves. They may call in a partner company who performs the stump grinding, or they may give you some recommendations on businesses within the area that they have worked with before. 


As with most things, it’s typically better to get everything done in one fell swoop if possible. By that we mean, while removing the tree is top of mind for you, you might as well remove the stump at that time, rather than allow the stump to rot away in your yard. 


From a practicality standpoint once the stump is ground up you’ll be ready to move on with any landscaping plans you may have, and the tree will be long gone. 


From an aesthetic standpoint, removing the stump will improve the appearance of your property, and will make it so much easier to mow your lawn, rather than avoiding the area the stump was in. 


Also, removing the stump will remove all possibility that termites will move in, which happens quite often when stumps are left to their own devices. Pests like termites love dead wood, and their nest will only grow and expand if left untreated. 


Calling in a stump grinding company to remove the trunk will also eliminate any liability concerns you may have. Children playing in the grass, barbecues hosted in the backyard, these are all situations in which guests may stumble over the stump, trip, or hurt themselves. 


It’s so easy for people to forget about the stump after they’ve had a tree removed, but we hope that this post has brought to light some reasons it may be in your best interest to call a stump grinding business like ourselves, and get a free quote on stump removal for your property.