Why We Recommend Stump Grinding

Photo of a cut down tree and the remaining stump

After you have a tree felled on a property, the tree will be hauled away, but the stump will remain. While most tree companies will recommend removing the stump, what you do with it after the tree is cut down is up to you.

Most tree care businesses don’t have the machinery available to grind stumps up, so if you allow them to handle the stump, chances are they will subcontract out the work, most likely to a business similar to ours.

If you choose not to remove the stump immediately, later you’ll need to choose how you’ll deal with the stump, and the potential issues caused by allowing it to remain, such as termite infestation, fungus growth, etc. 

There are also many routes people may take when attempting to remove a stump from their property, including diy methods like poisoning the stump, digging up the roots with a shovel, and burning it.

None of these methods are 100% effective, in fact most of them tend not to work the majority of the time.

Most times, poisoning the stump can take months, even years, and the stump will still be left behind, it will just be dead then. Chances are, the poison could have spread to surrounding growth and landscaping, and damage the health of other plants. Also, after poison is applied to a stump, the chemicals that seep into the soil will make it incredibly difficult for anything to grow there afterwards.

As far as removing the stump with sheer force, such as with a shovel and pulling the roots out, this may work if the stump only goes down up to 6 inches, and is relatively small. Beyond that, it may be too difficult to try and remove a stump from your property in that manner. There will also be a hole remaining behind if you choose to go this method.

If you try to burn the tree stump, please take the proper precautions necessary before attempting this method. It can be incredibly dangerous, due to the necessary usage of an accelerant chemical to help the stump to burn.

This method is not recommended because the stump can take up to a day or more to burn up, it can be dangerous, and oftentimes the stump is too moist to burn at all.

As a stump grinding company, we recommend letting the professionals handle the job, so you aren’t worried about choosing a diy method that isn’t guaranteed to work.

Stump grinding is environmentally friendly, unlike harmful poisons, and is a safer method than burning. We always grind the stump down to the root, to ensure no future regrowth, and to leave your landscape level and smooth.

If you have any questions about stump grinding or our process, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you!