Understanding Root Systems and Why Visible Roots Occur

Photo of a stump being ground up with the larger stump grinder

When it comes to understanding tree growth and stump removal, root systems come into play, and it can be important to understand how they work. Sometimes when we get called in for stump grinding for trees that have lots of roots above the ground- and the removal can be very intensive. 


There are various different types of trees, and some, like willow trees, commonly have roots that grow up out of the ground. These types of roots can be very damaging to mowers, landscaping materials, and more. Stumps that have visible roots can also be more dangerous to guests, children playing, or anyone not looking where they’re going. Roots can grow very far from the base of the stump, so it can be surprising to see how far they sprawl. 


These shallow roots extend outwards to retrieve the most amount of nutrients possible for the tree, but when the tree is removed, they can be difficult to remove. Their removal can include using the stump grinder, a chain saw, or an ax. Depending on the size, your stump grinding company may choose to choose a variety of methods to properly grind the wood. 


When undertaking any stump grinding process like this, it’s very important to trust your stump removal company, and to be sure to talk with them through the process. You want to be sure that you understand the process, and that you fully comprehend what it will take to remove the stump, and what it will look like afterwards. Since these roots are a part of the stump, when they are ground up they will leave a space behind them, which can be somewhat unappealing. The wood chips left over can always be used to fill in any holes, or we can remove them and dispose of them for you. 


For practicality sake, when having a stump removed, it makes the most sense to get the visible tree roots removed at the same time, both to provide your landscape with the best aesthetics, and to ensure the safety of all lawn equipment and guests alike. 


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