Benefits of Stump Grinding in The Winter

photo of grinder removing a stump from a property

When it comes to winter, most people tend to renege on their landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn care plans, choosing instead to come back to those ideas when spring rolls around. This is a common thought, and we think it mainly occurs because people may think it’s cold, so no hardscaping or tree care could be done. However, when it comes to places like South Carolina, where the weather is relatively temperate, that is definitely not the case. We guarantee that most businesses are up in full swing during the winter, because the weather in South Carolina really doesn’t prevent that. People also may just be feeling that because it’s colder and the landscape is dormant and yellow, that it’s not a good time to start new hardscaping or tree care. However, we’re here to tell you today that that is truly not the case. In fact, we have a few reasons why we think you may want to schedule that service now!


  1. Less wait times: in the spring, summer, and into the fall, people tend to want to get any and all landscaping, hardscaping, and tree care in. In the spring people want to prepare their yards, get them looking their best, so they call us to grind up the stumps, they get the lawn care going, etc, because they need to get their yard together for the warmer months. In the summer, people are spending so much time outside that it makes sense for people to think about their outdoor spaces, so they call us to grind up all of the stumps they’ve left around for a while. In the fall, people are looking towards winter, and want to get those tree stumps taken care of before winter. All of this leads to longer wait times in the spring, summer, and fall, and lesser or no wait times at all in the winter. We very much can perform stump grinding in Greenville, SC throughout the winter, so we recommend preparing ahead of time, and scheduling your stump grinding today.
  2. Possibly more affordable: Like we mentioned earlier, since most people call for stump grinding in the other seasons, most stump removal or stump grinding companies will have more open books in the winter. If we remember econ 101, that supply and demand kicks in, and you may find that your tree care services are more affordable. We’re not saying that absolutely every single company will do this, but chances are that if you want more affordable stump grinding, it’s better to try when a company is not packed full with a waitlist. 
  3. Preparation for spring: if you are a person or a family who spends a lot of time outdoors, getting those pesky stumps that take up room in the yard and make lawn care difficult removed in the winter really does make sense, doesn’t it? If you give us at Greenville Stump Grinding Pros a call in the winter, then we can get your yard taken care of and in tip top shape for april and may. If you like entertaining outdoors, or relaxing outside, the last thing you want is a termite filled, fungus infected stump hanging out. Call us, and we’ll get your stump grinded up efficiently, effectively, and affordably.