Greenville Stump Grinding Safety Measures

Photo of the bark on a tree trunk in Greeville

We take safety seriously at Greenville Stump Grinding Pros. It’s extremely important to us that our crew knows and follows the safety procedures we put in place in order to ensure a safe time for everyone. When operating heavy machinery like stump grinders, it’s important to put safety precautions in place, because injuries can and do occur when removing stumps if you’re not careful. 


To begin, it’s always our first step to make sure the area is cleared, and to check for any obstructions around the tree trunk. This can include anything, but we want to make sure that the are is clear and ready for stump grinding before anything takes place. Any items on the ground, any sprinklers, or any possible underground utility lines are all things we consider before moving forward with the stump removal process. The area around the stump must be clear, and the path to the stump must be clear as well, in order for the stump grinder to be maneuvered into place. There must be wide enough access for the stump grinder to come in, otherwise we may have to resort to smaller, handheld grinders, which take longer to grind the stump, and have far less horsepower- which means more labor and more hours. 


Now for general stump grinder safety, we train each and every one of our stump grinding pros on the proper protocol for all stump removal. This includes ensuring the pro is on stable ground, and positioning the machine in a way that is stable and secure. Protective equipment is important to wear as well, to protect against any wood chips or debris fall out. The client must also remain a safe distance aways, so that the stump grinding can move forward without fear of injury for the client or family. 


The most important thing we always keep in mind on these jobs is that stump grinding is not worth rushing through. To properly grind a stump, you want the trunk to be ground 4-6 inches below ground level, and that takes time. To be done right, we will always take the extra minute to take a step back, and make sure the job is done right. We don’t rush through the process, and we don’t skip safety steps to hurry things up. Taking these crucial steps is what is important to us, because customer care is a value that we hold in high regard and seek to maintain. In Greenville, most homeowners will have to call for stump grinding at some point in their lives, and we want to be a company that you can trust. We take these safety measures because we care about providing a safe and thorough process. If you need stump removal in Greenville, South Carolina, we hope you’ll give us a call!