In person Pricing vs Over the Phone quotes for Stump Grinding

Photo of a large tree removal and stump grinding project

When we get phone calls from potential clients, most often people are calling to compare estimates with other stump grinding companies, and to get a feel for how expensive they can expect their stump grinding job to be. While we always want to provide affordable, competitive pricing, providing a stump grinding estimate over the phone can get kind of tricky. We know most companies do it, but it is too often that we hear of companies promising one price over the phone and then raising it when they see the work in person, because they underestimated the work involved, the size of the stump, or whatever else. As a principle, we seek to provide helpful customer service to all of our clients, but sometimes we simply do need to see the area in person to provide you with an accurate price. What we can do is to provide you with an estimate, as long as you understand that it is an estimate, it is subject to change depending upon the situation. It’s not that we don’t think that people are trying measure their stumps correctly, or estimate how large of an access point they will have, it’s simply that people don’t know exactly what to look for to provide us with the exact information we will need. 

For example, it is super common for people to measure the size of the trunk, and give us that number over the phone, when in reality, the measurement that we need is from one side of the base to the other, which can take up quite a bit more space than the trunk itself. Oftentimes it’s even 3-4 times as big as the trunk. This is one of those things that is second nature to us because of our industry experience with stump grinding in Greenville, SC, but is not that clear to our clients. 

Because of situations like this, we try to take each situation on a case by case basis, because we never want to surprise someone with a price, or keep a client hanging, so sometimes it’s better for us to wait to see the stump in person before giving a price. While this is more work, in the long run it’s typically better to avoid any confusion. 

There are many variables when it comes to stump grinding, such as the mulch removal, any root grinding that needs to be done, grinding of surrounding mounds, varying sizes of tree trunks, access points, and more. 

Another situation we commonly run into is the access we have available to get the stump grinder through. For example, if we’re dealing with a large stump, one that really requires the full size, heavy duty stump grinder, but we don’t have a way to get the machine through the gate, we will have to resort to a smaller grinder. What that means is a smaller grinder for a large project, so more hours of work, more labor, and more expensive than the original quote would have been for the big grinder. See what we mean? There are a lot of little things that go into stump grinding and stump removal in the greater Greenville area that actually add up to make quite a difference. 

We hope this was helpful for you, so you understand the quote and estimate process a little better! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or submit our form!