What To Look For In A Stump Grinding Company

Most homeowners will eventually have to have a tree felled, or they may purchase a home that has stumps on the property, and it’ll be time to start looking at stump grinding companies to get someone to take care of the job. There are many reasons it’s important to get stumps ground right away, rather than letting them stand for years, which we’ve gone over in several blog posts here and here. So, to recap, stumps are a bad idea to let linger on a property because they can grow fungus and be breeding grounds for termites, they can easily ruin lawn equipment, and we’ve heard of more stump related injuries than we can count. We’re serious! Also, they generally look bad, can diminish property value, and make it really hard to mow the lawn or perform any landscaping in the area. 

So, if you do have a tree felled, or you have purchased a property with a stump, and you agree with us that it’s a bad idea to let a stump linger, you’re going to want to choose a reputable stump grinding company. We have a few standards that we look for in service based companies, and specifically because we own a stump grinding company, we know what to look for in those as well. While there are many factors that we’ll go over in the coming weeks, today we’re going to go over one quality that we think is important that often gets glossed over for service based businesses. Let’s do this. Of course, if you’re in the greater Greenville area, we would love to provide any and all stump grinding Greenville SC services you may need.. 

So, one quality that’s important to look for in a stump grinding company is professionalism: While stump grinding may not be rocket science, it does involve operating heavy machinery, providing services quite close to your home/car/property, and can be quite pricey. All of those are factors that generally indicate that some level of professionalism is needed to run the business. Over the years, we’ve also found that to be true. Stump grinding companies that only do stump removal on the side, or it’s a hobby, or it isn’t a proper business tend not to last very long, for a number of reasons we’re sure. Stump grinding machinery can be very expensive, especially to own the powerful, lots of horsepower style machines.  Also managing a crew can be difficult, as can running a business in general, including making sure the property is taken care of and nothing is out of place after moving the large stump grinding machine to and from the location. One easy way to get a good feel for a company is to call them- what was the phone call like? Was there an answering service? Did they answer? When they answered, was it competent and qualified? Also, do they have a stump grinding website, where you could read about them, their values, their services, etc? Could you find some presence, a facebook page, a google profile, etc? These are all super simple ways to validate that a stump grinding company took the time to go a little bit further with their business, which can make all the difference in the world. When looking for a stump grinding company, try and find one that seems to be professional, and well run. 

When you have stumps that need to be removed from your property, it’s important to be able to trust the company that is going to bring a large, heavy, dangerous machine in your yard, and grind the stump into little pieces. It can be a fairly large endeavor, and you want to be confident in the skills, ability, efficiency, and honesty of the company performing the work. Do yourself a favor and choose a reputable company, like Greenville Stump Grinding Pros.