Choice between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal in Greenville

Photo of a felled tree that is about the be ground up

Recently on a tree stump removal job, we were called by a lady who was looking for stump removal, because she had been advised that stump grinding was not good or sufficient, and so she was looking for stump removal instead. Now, if you’re not familiar with the different between stump grinding and stump removal, feel free to check out our post on the topic here. A basic explanation is that grinding refers to a stump grinder machine using a rotating wheel with an edge to literally grind the wood into small chips, and removal refers to the stump being pulled or dug out of the ground, usually using large tractors, chains, and more work. We usually recommend stump grinding to people because it is less expensive, less work, quicker, and leaves less of a mess. Stump removal leaves behind quite a large hole, depending on how big the stump was and the root growth, so it is a much bigger job. Anyway, this client gave us a call, and was looking for stump removal, which we were happy to do. We spoke with her, and were going over the details, and discussing stump removal cost, procedure, etc. We also went ahead and explained stump grinding to her, because unless you’re looking to do extensive landscaping that required absolutely no below ground roots leftover, stump grinding really does tend to work better for clients. To us, we’re fine with whichever option- but for clients, the cost difference is fairly significant, and can make quite a difference in the choice. 

So basically, we’re on the phone, and we end up getting her to explain why she wants stump removal instead, and after explaining, we tell her why stump grinding would work just fine for her purposes, and why she need not spend the money on stump removal over grinding, when she really doesn’t need it. After that, we got her scheduled, let her know what the stump grinding cost would be, and we went out and did the job. We ground the stump below ground level about 10 inches, and after using some of the wood chips to fill in the hole, we removed the remainder of the wood chips, and left our client with a clean landscape, and a much smaller bill than she anticipated.

We love providing education like this to our clients, so we can help them save their money if we can, and do the work needed without overcharging or doing unnecessary services. We’re so glad we were able to help this client with her tree stump removal, and were able to get her what she needed, at a much lower cost. Give us a call today if you’re looking for stump grinding Greenville SC and you want to know more about our services!