Why use professionals for the grinding of stumps?

Photo of a stump right before the grinding process begins

Why use professionals for the removal and grinding of stumps? Totally valid question! On the surface, it would seem like if stores are offering rental grinders for hourly blocks, it would make sense for some people to try and do it themselves, which definitely makes sense. Stores often have consumer level grinders often available in 2-4 hour chunks of time, for a fee. We’re going to explain a little more in depth why we think stump grinding is a service that should absolutely be hired out. 

Using stump grind machines like ours is dangerous, and requires proper training and caution while using. This task is not the easiest thing, and there are many hazards to be cautious of: firstly, the stumper uses a large rotating saw to grind the wood, which is dangerous in and of itself. This large rotating saw can do some serious damage or harm if not used correctly. Secondly, we don’t wood chips flying everywhere and hitting people in the face, eyes, etc. We also would hate for those wood chips to fly into nearby structures (like homes, cars, windows) and cause damage. These are serious consequences of operating machinery like this. It is our belief that grinding stumps is a task that should be left to the professionals, rather than simply hoping none of these issues actually comes about. 

At Greenville Stump Grinding Pros, we have experience working with the removal and grinding of tree trunks of all varieties. We’ve worked through every hiccup or challenge presented to us, and we have gained experience working in a wide array of conditions. Our team are especially trained for safe stump grinding, which is why we trust them to take care of the tree trunks and avoid all of these potential problems. This task requires extensive training, expertise, and safety knowledge. We wouldn’t trust someone inexperienced and untrained on our team, in the same way we wouldn’t recommend you try to take it on yourself. Our goal is to offer affordable and effective solutions to these tree stump problems, so it makes the most sense for you to give us a call and have us come out and handle it. We know tree services can get pricey, but our prices are as affordable as possible, and we are confident that it is often cheaper to hire us to remove a stump than it would be to rent a sub bar grinder machine for 4 hours from Home Depot. 

You can trust us to get the job done safely, while taking care of your lawn throughout the process, and ensuring no chips fly into somewhere and cause damage. There’s a lot to keep in mind when performing a job like this, which is why our team is specifically trained on every step of the tree trunk grind process. Our stumper is high powered and can get access to narrow spaces, and our team knows how to handle everyday challenges that come with the job. 

We recommend calling us for stump grinding in Greenville, SC, and we know you’ll get quality services and customer care when you do. Our quotes are free, and always no obligation. 

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