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After a tree is removed, most homeowners and business owners will have the stump removed. This is the wisest choice, because leaving stumps unattended for extended time can lead to a host of issues. While there is wonderful natural beauty in stumps, they are best left to places like forests and woods, where there is no concern for future landscaping or insect infestations. On a property, a stump can take up valuable real estate. It can make it near impossible to mow the lawn, edge the grass, or install sprinklers with a stump in the way of your landscape design. With a task like this, it’s best to call in the professionals. If it;s come time to get some work done in your yard and get those tree stumps removed, we’re the business for the job. We can handle removal of stumps large and small, and we can provide you with a free estimate, and remove them safely. We are industry experts, and we genuinely care about helping our clients achieve the smooth lawn they desire. If a stump has become a problem for you, we can use our special machine called a stump grinder to get it safely and quickly removed from your property. 

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Stumps can become breeding grounds for termites, and can turn into habitats for any colonies. While that may be fine and good in the woods, it is much less fun when it’s near your children’s play area. When you have guests and gatherings in your back yard, the last thing you want is for them to stumble over a termite colony. And as things go with termites, they will eventually need more sustenance, and will move into the next wood they can get their hands on, which may be your home.

Stumps are natural and have a kind of charm, but they can be incredibly damaging to your home, to your property value, and to your yard. That is why we recommend thinking ahead, and calling us when you first get trees removed. We can get your stumps grinded and away from your lot in an instant.

Really, stump grinding is pretty dang fast. Our schedule usually permits us to schedule ASAP as well, so when you call, we can give you an estimate, and get your job on the schedule soon. We often can even do same day service. Our machine is powerful and nimble, so we can bring it through narrow spaces, and can grind the wood into small bits and pieces. Our team has got you covered if a stump has become a hazard to your family or your property, and we can take care of your work immediately. We take precautions to ensure safe work, and we clean up after ourselves!

Our clients trust us because we are professional, careful, and experienced. Our standard process for removing tree stumps is effective, and easy to implement. If you’re tired of having stumps littering your yard, give us a call! We do our work thoroughly, and will remove large roots and the whole stump, so we can prevent future growth, as well as getting your landscape clean and new again. 

Call today for a free estimate! We’ll ask you a series of questions and measurements to gauge the size of the stump, the access point provided, and the amount of work needed. Once we’re all on the same page, we’ll get you scheduled and those stumps removed asap! 

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