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Our team at Greenville Stump Grinding Pros is experienced in grinding up stumps, removing all trace of the leftover tree trunks, and leaving landscapes level and smooth, leaving your yard clean, with no disturbance.

We’re skilled at what we do, because we have focused on getting to be the best at stump grinding, rather than offering a wide range of tree services. We have experience with tree stumps of all shapes, sizes, root types, and more, because our years of work given us expertise in our field. We’ve had the pleasure of working with several well regarded tree service companies in Greenville County, South Carolina, and we look forward to continuing to partner with homeowners, businesses, property owners, and other tree service companies to remove stumps, and get the job done right, as soon as we can.

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Our process for stump grinding is simple:

When you call us, we’ll ask you for a few questions about your property, about the access we will have to move a stump grinder through, and your plans for the area after the stump is removed. These questions help us to give you an accurate quote on your tree trunk removal job, and give us a better idea of how long it will take, which machine we should bring, and how far down we should grind the stump. We grind each stump down about 10-12 inches on average, but we may grind it down further, if you’re looking to plant a new tree in its place. We do this to ensure after we’ve removed the stump, the roots don’t regrow again.

Once we get all of the information about the project, we will get you scheduled on our calendar, and will assign a Greenville Stump Grinding Pro to the job.

On the day of your tree trunk removal, we will arrive on time, and navigate the stump grinding machine through the access point, whether it’s a gate, garden path, or what have you. Once we get the machine through, and we have maneuvered it into the best point around the stump, we will start the grinding process.

We will grind the stump into a large pile of mulch, wood chips, and wood pulp. Where the stump was, there will now be a hole, because of how far down we grind the stump in order to ensure the best results for you, and to mitigate the potential of any regrowth. The wood chips can be used as landscaping materials, both to fertilize other shrubs, bushes, and trees, or to make a path way, or mulch an area. The mulch will also be used to fill in the hole where the stump was, so we can smooth over the surface, and leave behind a smooth surface. We will remove any mulch that you don’t need or want, and will remove the stump grinder without any interference to your garden and yard.

You can count on our team for fast, effective and affordable solutions to all of your stump grinding needs in Greenville, Greer, Easley, Mauldin, Simpsonville, Travelers Rest, Taylors, and the greater surrounding areas. Our team is professional, and we have the expertise to remove all stumps with efficiency, safe procedures, and thorough process. We have the experience and the tools to handle your project swiftly, and can get you on the schedule immediately.

Our stump grinder is gentle on yards, and won’t damage your grass. Our high powered machine can maneuver into small places, and pulverize stumps until there’s no sign of the tree trunk that used to be there. Our team can safely remove all of your unsightly stumps, and get your yard looking nice for spring. Stumps can obstruct a beautiful landscape, and can be a safety hazard- so what should you do? Rather than calling tree service companies and asking if they do stump grinding, call Greenville Stump Grinding Pros, and we’ll get your tree trunk handled asap.

Our Services

We specialize in stump grinding in the Upstate, and we genuinely enjoy building lasting relationships with both our clients and the tree service companies we partner with. Let us take this off your hands, and call us for tree trunk grinding in Greenville, South Carolina. Our services are comprehensive, so if you’d like the stump ground, we can do that, if you’d like the stump ground, plus the wood chips removed we can do that, and if you’d like the stump ground with the wood chips removed and the hole filled with topsoil, we can do that as well.

Tree trunks can be such an obstruction to a beautiful yard, and it’s the best thing to call us right after you get any trees removed, so the trunk doesn’t have time to accumulate pests, or rot. Old tree trunks are notorious for becoming breeding grounds for ants, termites, and other pests, and while we can remove all stumps, we recommend calling us before your trunk becomes infected, so you can mitigate the chance that that the pests may have spread to surrounding structures like sheds, or even your home. We’re dependable, you can count on us to be at the job site on time, with all equipment and technicians needed for the job. We specialize in stump removal, and we enjoy providing our services to the Upstate of South Carolina. While we’re based in Greenville, we travel to the surrounding areas as well.

We love partnering with landscape companies and tree service companies to provide them with the stump removal they need to do their work, and outsource the rest. No need for competition- we specialize in specifically stump grinding, so we can provide comprehensive grinding to any stump in an affordable, safe, and conscious way.

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